"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Video: A Candid Conversation With ACU Executive Director Gregg Keller

October 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

On Wednesday October 17, 2012 Sinclair News questioned American Conservative Union Executive Director and former Sen. Jim Talent staffer Gregg Keller at the ACU HQ in Washington, DC. Keller answered questions about ACU/CPAC goals of bringing conservatives from all walks of like into the ACU tent; Liberty Movement involvement in CPAC; Presidential Debates; Romney-Ryan; Benghazi; […]

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Video: Jim Talent on Trump & Obama’s Birth Certificate

June 1st, 2012 · No Comments

Hat tip: Igor Volsky

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Video: Romney Adviser Says If You Can’t Raise Money, Maybe You’re Not A Good Candidate

March 14th, 2012 · No Comments

Anchor Soledad O’Brien then asked Sen. Talent about the message that all of that outspending sends. “So, outspending Rick Santorum, over $2 million is what your campaign spent on TV ad spending,” O’Brien said, “to Rick Santorum’s just under $400,000, at some point there’s a different kind of math, maybe not delegate math, that says […]

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Former Sen. Bond Endorses Romney

March 8th, 2012 · No Comments

“I’m very thankful for Senator Bond’s support. Kit has been a distinguished public servant and voice for limited government for many years.” Really? A voice for limited government?

Guess Which Missouri Senator Supports Automaker Bailout? Sen. Kit Bond: “The Senate Financial Rescue Bill Includes a Host of Taxpayer Protections” Sen. […]

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Quote of the Day: “Romney Surrogate Attacks Santorum for Voting the Same Way He Did

February 16th, 2012 · No Comments

Former Senator Jim talent is taking a little grief from the media on his attack on Rick Santorum’s voting record: The Weekly Standard: Talent continued, pointing to a few votes that show Santorum’s “liberal” spending record. “I want to note that Senator Santorum voted for No Child Left Behind, which was a big expansion of […]

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Video: Talking Biosecurity with the Public, Senator Jim Talent

October 11th, 2011 · No Comments

Senator Jim Talent, Vice Chairman, The WMD Center, discusses “Talking Biosecurity with the Public” at a special symposium, Charting the Future of Biosecurity: Ten Years after the Anthrax Attacks.

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