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Lawsuit Filed to Uncover True Cost to Taxpayer of Renewable Energy Scheme in Missouri

July 15th, 2014 by mopns · 2 Comments

Fred Sauer filed a legal action (Case No. 14AC-CC00293) against the Missouri Public Service Commission on June 6, 2014, in the Cole County Circuit Court alleging that the Public Service Commission violated Missouri’s Sunshine Law for failing to comply with Mr. Sauer’s March 31, 2014 Sunshine request for public records that show the amount and price of wind and solar energy Ameren Missouri purchased from Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm in 2012.  All of these values were redacted from the required yearly Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Report by Ameren.

Specifically, the Declaratory Judgment Petition alleges that the Public Service Commission failed to provide Mr. Sauer with (1) the total kilowatt hours of energy purchased by Ameren from Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm in 2012; (2) the total purchase price paid by Ameren for energy produced by Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm in 2012; (3) the total generational output from Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm supplied to Ameren Missouri customers in 2012; and (4) the value of solar renewable energy credits Ameren Missouri received as a result of the production of solar energy at Ameren’s headquarters in St. Louis.

Here is a schedule that approximates the huge amount of money that is going to be transferred from all Missouri electricity users to the renewable energy suppliers that Ameren will use.  If these amounts of money are not a matter of public interest, the Public Service Commission is being derelict in its duties.  In the base year, 2011, relevant electricity revenues were $5.032 billion, and, if electricity would grow 3% per year into the future, here are the mandated annual and cumulative expenditures for renewable energy for the following 10 year intervals in billions of dollars:

Annual Amount

(in billions)

Cumulative Amount
(in billions)
2011 0.101 0.101
2020 0.657 3.374
2030 1.324 15.003
2040 1.779
2050 2.390

As stated on the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Division of Energy website, “The RES requires Missouri’s regulated electric utilities to meet defined percentages of total retail electrical sales by renewable resources starting in 2011. Compliance can be by means of self-generated or purchased electricity generated from renewable energy sources or by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs).”

However, the Public Service Commission has allowed Ameren to hide the true cost that Ameren pays, and subsequently passes onto Missouri consumers, to comply with the RES.  A search of every  Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Report submitted by Ameren shows large amounts of blacked-out sections that prevent anyone from finding out how Ameren is complying with Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard.

“This lawsuit gets to the heart of the issue of the enrichment of a few select individuals and companies under the guise of producing renewable energy and renewable energy credits at the expense of Missouri electricity consumers,” said Fred N. Sauer.  “Missourians deserve better and have a right to know how much money the few are making at the expense of the many.”


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    […] MPNS: Lawsuit Filed to Uncover True Cost to Taxpayer of Renewable Energy Scheme in Missouri […]

  • 2 Charles Melton // Jul 18, 2014 at 5:41 am

    Our Public Service is run and controlled by a Democrat Governor. Will I have seen staff to be competent and concerned with citizens I have not seen that with the Board. The board drank the Democrat Kool Aid.

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