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McCaskill’s Evolution on TSA Pat Downs

March 14th, 2013 by mopns · 1 Comment

It’s funny that whenever President Obama starts falling in the opinion polls our “moderate middle” senator – who votes 98% of the time with the President – finds an issue that puts her on the side of conservatives.

2010: “Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri said prior to Pistole’s testimony that she believed TSA was in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation, because people would be hopping mad at TSA if Christmas bomber Umar Farouk Adbulmutallab had succeeded.”

2013: “Today in my airport screening, test on my hands was positive. Got private, more aggressive pat down. OMG.

CNN: “It was uncomfortable. I think it’s important that things like that happen to people like me. The rules need to be the same for everyone and if more of us had that exposure to the system, perhaps we would be more aggressive about making sure that we’re using our resources wisely when it comes to safety of the traveling public. I get that we need to have protocols and procedures in place to make flying safe for everyone, but that has tempered about, are we using our resources in a way that makes the most sense and I think that’s a question that we haven’t really answered yet.”

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