"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi

“Moderate” Claire McCaskill Votes Against Obamacare Repeal

January 13th, 2017 by mopns_admin ·

“Because there is no replace, I vote no.” — Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo

The Senate last night began the process of putting the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, out of its misery and on to the dust bin of history of  failed liberal ideas. Of course “moderate” Senator Clair McCaskill was a no vote. Senator McCaskill  - who was for the Obama mandate before she was against it  - told us that Obamacare will  “will bring down healthcare costs and lower the deficit.”  Instead, Obamacare has increased healthcare premiums by an average of 25%. Now that Obamacare has failed, we’re afraid there will now be a clamor for national healthcare like that advocated by former Congressman Russ Carnahan back in 2009:



McCaskill on Obamacare: “I Think It’s Probably More Than A Glitch”

FLASHBACK! McCaskill: Obamacare “Will Bring Down The Deficit And Bring Down Health Care Costs”

Tweet of the Day: McCaskill Having Shoulder Surgery Due to Carrying Heavy Load for Obama?

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Police Officer’s Sister Bashes Clay Over Controversial Cop Painting

January 13th, 2017 by mopns_admin ·

Critics of this controversial painting are not questioning its constitutionality. What they are questioning is its appropriateness and if this work of art spurs healing or just more divisiveness. Congressman Clay’s office released this statement:

In America we don’t arrest artwork. As the Member who sponsored the art work at issue and a Member who is a First Amendment constitutional scholar, we write to express our grave concern that you may follow up on an act of vigilante censorship in the House of Representatives by taking formal steps to remove a painting by St. Louis Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School Senior David Pulphus from display on a wall in the tunnel between the Cannon House Office Building and the Capitol.

The young man’s painting depicts a scene involving police officers pointing their guns at an African-American man, with the two officers and the African-American man all appearing to have animal-like facial features. The painting appears to show protesters in the background. We believe that removing this work – which has been on display for six months as one of more than 400 winning high school entries selected from each congressional district through the annual Congressional Art Competition – would be a violation of First Amendment free speech rights. Read more…

The liberals, who claim they are the most tolerant  and who constantly remind the rest of us that we should “come together” view this incident as “childish and weird.”

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are supposed to be the grownups in the room, but a spat over a high school student’s painting is revealing their childish tendencies. Read more…

The depicting of police officer as pigs and other animals is probably not childish to the sister of this police officer:

As the sister of a police officer, who lays his life on the line everyday, it saddens me to see our congressman supporting such a distasteful, offensive, and disgusting depiction of law enforcement officers. My brother and his fellow police officers work hard to serve and protect Congressman Clay as well as all of those in the communities they serve. What a tragedy to see such animosity represented, which is clearly not a true or accurate depiction of the motivations and feelings of most police officers, and certainly not something to be publicly celebrated. Read more…


Picture of the Day: Rep. “Lazy” Clay AWOL at IRS Hearings

Watchdog Group Cites Cong. Clay’s $300k to Sister’s Law Firm

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Video: Chris Arps Joins Marc Cox to Talk About Inauguration/Ball

January 11th, 2017 by mopns_admin ·


Inaugural Extravagance

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Show Me Institute: Kansas City/St. Louis In Bad Financial Shape

January 11th, 2017 by mopns_admin ·

“Missourian’s paid their taxes, and if there’s debt, Missouri kids and grandkids will pay that debt off.”
Former Democratic Governor Jay Nixon made this startling comment back in 2009 on C-SPAN  when asked about President Obama’s then proposed $1 trillion dollar failed stimulus plan. It’s not surprising this comment came from a Democratic governor and its no surprise that Kansas City and St. Louis, with its Democratic mayors, are is such bad shape.

Marc Joffe, Director of Policy Research for the California Policy Center, has rated the largest 116 U.S. cities according to their financial health and published the ratings in The Fiscal Times website. Missouri’s appearances on the list are not a source of pride. The study’s methodology rates five things: spending, long-term obligations, pension contributions, and changes in local unemployment and property values. Of the 116 cities, Irvine, California, performs the best. New York and Chicago come is 115th and 116th, respectively. Kansas City and St. Louis, with populations much smaller, rank 101st and 112th, respectively…The report showed that Kansas City had the highest debt per capita of ALL the peer cities they considered, including St. Louis, and well over the national average. Read more…


SMI: “Tax Cuts Provide Better Stimulus Than Government Spending”

Gephardt: The Government Has a “Spending Problem”

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Video: Todd Graves Elected MRP Chair

January 11th, 2017 by mopns_admin ·

Last Saturday, the Missouri Republican State Committee met and elected new officers. Congratulations to Chairman Todd Graves, Vice Chair Kay Hoflander, Secretary Nick Myers, and Treasurer Pat Thomas.


WAPO: Karl Rove Knew Former Bond Staffer Van Eaton Was Trying to Fire Todd Graves

Video: “Senator, Why’d You Fire Todd Graves?”

Message from outgoing Chairman John Hancock:

Many decades ago, I was a Boy Scout in Troop 769. We would go to Summer Camp at S – Bar – F Scout Ranch outside of Farmington and spend one week of each summer working on merit badges – and on becoming men. Our Scoutmaster at the time, Bob Skala, a World War 2 veteran, taught us many life lessons. At least one of them has stuck with me to this day. Mr. Skala taught us to always “leave the campground in better shape than we found it.” Through many jobs, ordeals, missions, and assignments, this simple directive has become engraved in my soul.My friends, two years ago we inherited a Missouri Republican Party that was in disarray. We were divided personally and ideologically. We were in dire, massive debt. We were considered ineffective and we were ridiculed. We were, in a very real sense, a campground in need of attention. We were left a mess.

Many of you decided to entrust me with the challenge of helping to rebuild a once-great institution – the Missouri Republican Party. I was honored and humbled by your trust and confidence. And so, our mission began. Five days into that mission, tragedy struck our party. Our State Auditor, Tom Schweich, took his life on a cold, wintery day in late February of 2015. Much to my shock, some in our party and in the media accused me of being the motivating force behind Tom’s tragic decision. I was utterly unprepared for what followed.

Though I knew I’d done nothing to provoke such a horrific event, the next several weeks became some of the most difficult of my life. Jon Prouty moved into our guest room and stood by my side. Many of you urged me to stay the course and offered profound encouragement. My faith was tested and my family was devastated. Through it all, I had to measure and weigh what was best for our party and best for my now-tarnished reputation. Those were overwhelming times.

After finally deciding to stand for the truth, many of you chose to do the same. I will never, ever, forget the encouragement, support, and affirmation that so many of you provided during those dark days. In a real sense, you held me upright when my natural inclination was to lay down or just go away.

It was in April of 2015, when we convened an informal meeting of the State Committee, that the tide began to turn. We came together and tackled some very difficult issues – delegate allocation, the state convention, the national convention, divisive statewide primaries… Together, we dug into the very difficult work of being a political party. We emerged decisive and united.

From there, a presidential campaign unfolded that divided Republicans in almost every state of the Union. It did not divide US. We had pledged to stand together in a war to save America – whatever that might mean. We had pledged to fight, side-by-side, to hold our ground – no matter what might come against us. We had pledged to support our ticket through thick and thin – and the thin came – in a torrent. We stood.  We fought. We prevailed. Like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain at Gettysburg, we “fixed bayonets.”

After all was said and done, my dear friends, Missouri history was made last November. Never before has our Republican Party prevailed in seven statewide elections on a single ballot. Never before have Republicans held a US Senate Seat, six of eight congressional seats, the Governor’s office, five of six statewide offices, and super majorities in both the State House and the State Senate. Unprecedented. Unexpected. Unbelievable.

Together – with outstanding candidates who ran outstanding campaigns – we have achieved heights never imagined by those who have come before. The campground we inherited is most certainly left in a far better circumstance. We stayed the course. We fought the battle. We lived to see historic success. I thank God for allowing us to witness these events of the past two years and for allowing us to recognize His unmistakable hand in all of them.

It has been one of my life’s greatest honors to serve you as your chairman. I remain humbled by your hard work and support. But it’s now time to move along so a new chairman can build upon the successes you have created. It’s now someone else’s mission to improve the campground. I am delighted to step aside after completing my small piece of this unfolding history!

I do want to leave you with some thoughts about the future of our beloved party. I hope the future leadership of MRP builds upon the foundation of the Virtual Precinct that we developed together. It can be a grassroots tool that gives Republicans a true advantage over our adversary for many years to come. I hope you will successfully make Missouri a “closed primary” state – where voters declare allegiance to one or no political party in primary elections. I hope you will strip state statutes of the authority to dictate times and dates to political parties as they reorganize and develop to assist their candidates. There are yet many missions to accomplish!

I leave you with a profound sense of mutual satisfaction. I leave you with a deep sense of gratitude for your support and confidence. I leave knowing that, together, we have left the campground in much better shape. Together, we stood through some turbulent, stormy seas.

My very first communication to you on this journey was entitled, “A More Perfect Union.” I believe we walk away from here having achieved that objective. The Union we inherited is unquestionably far better than it was. We were not perfect nor did we achieve perfection. And, we have left good and valuable work for others to complete.

To close, in the words of Ronald Reagan, “We’ve done our part. As we walk off into the city streets, my friends, we did it! We weren’t just marking time. We made a difference. We made the city stronger. We made the city freer. And, we left her in good hands. All in all, not bad. Not bad, at all. So, goodbye. God Bless You. And God Bless the United States of America.”

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Show Me Institute’s 2017 Blueprint for Missouri

January 5th, 2017 by mopns_admin ·


     Click here to watch

Patrick Tuohey from the Show Me Institute discusses charter schools, course access, and cost per student with guest host Chris Arps.


Video: Brenda Talent of the Show Me Institute

Video: Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying


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