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My Eyewitness Account in Ferguson After the Grand Jury Decision Was Announced

December 8th, 2014 by Mark Truman ·

I told my friend who the person was and we followed her to the hood of car that I later learned was the makeshift stage. We were literally five feet from her. She climbed on top of the hood and started an emotional tirade against the police, Officer Wilson, Prosecutor Bob McCullough and the grand jury process in general. At the same time, a loudspeaker was playing the audio of the prosecutor explaining the decision from the grand jury. Eventually, it filtered out that Wilson would not be indicted and the anger and tension could be felt rising. Then, Leslie McSpadden’s husband climbed on top of the hood to comfort his wife and then that is when he uttered his infamous words: “BURN THIS B*TCH DOWN, BURN THIS B*TCH DOWN in a steady cadence.

You could literally feel the tension rise to a dangerous and feverish pitch. The crowd was yelling “we’re with you sister,” and “we’re going to get justice tonight!” I tapped on the shoulder of my friend that I thought it was time to leave and that the situation felt unsafe. A few others felt the same as they started slowly leaving. Then after McSpadden’s husband finished his rant, two gunshots rang out in close proximity to the stage and then all hell broke lose. Everyone just started running away away from the police station down the middle of the street. More police were behind us and then they started moving in in full riot gear. As we’re running towards the car, a gray SUV was parked in a business parking lot. Someone in the car fired of five quick shots in the air and then took off. Read more…


The Root: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Declined 7-Year-Old’s Offer to Play Violin Music for Ferguson

Medium.com: The National Guard Is Leaving Ferguson

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AP: “Health Law Impacts Primary Care Doc Shortage”

December 8th, 2014 by Mark Truman ·

The AP reports today on the shortage of primary care physicians that Obamacare is exacerbating and the difficulties some people are having finding a doctor.

“A survey this year by The Physicians Foundation found that 81 percent of doctors describe themselves as either over-extended or at full capacity, and 44 percent said they planned to cut back on the number of patients they see, retire, work part-time or close their practice to new patients.

“At the same time, insurance companies have routinely limited the number of doctors and providers on their plans as a way to cut costs. The result has further restricted some patients’ ability to get appointments quickly.

“One purpose of the new health law was connecting patients, many of whom never had insurance before, with primary care doctors to prevent them from landing in the emergency room when they are sicker and their care is more expensive. Yet nearly 1 in 5 Americans lives in a region designated as having a shortage of primary care physicians, and the number of doctors entering the field isn’t expected to keep pace with demand.

“The Association of American Medical Colleges projects the shortage will grow to about 66,000 in little more than a decade as fewer residency slots are available and as more medical students choose higher-paying specialty areas.”

And, the AP, points out, that even when patients can get in to see doctors, “they have to drive farther, wait longer or see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant rather than a doctor.”

The story also details the experience of Olivia Papa, a woman in Florida, who’s had difficulty finding a primary care doctor. “When Olivia Papa signed up for a new health plan last year, her insurance company assigned her to a primary care doctor. The relatively healthy 61-year-old didn’t try to see the doctor until last month, when she and her husband both needed authorization to see separate specialists. She called the doctor’s office several times without luck. ‘They told me that they were not on the plan, they were never on the plan and they’d been trying to get their name off the plan all year,’ said Papa, who recently bought a plan from a different insurance company. It was no better with the next doctor she was assigned. The Naples, Florida, resident said she left a message to make an appointment, ‘and they never called back.’”

And according to the report, “Insurance agent Anthony Halby heard similar complaints from his clients in Grass Valley, California, a Sierra foothill community about an hour east of Sacramento. He said half a dozen consumers wanted him to switch their health plans as soon as the second round of open enrollment started earlier this month. They told him the plan they chose last year made it extremely difficult to find primary care doctors.

“Only two insurance companies in the Gold Rush-era town offer coverage through the state exchange, and just four or five primary care doctors out of about 135 signed up with one insurer. The other insurer has more doctors, but most are considered out of network. That means patients who use them will pay 60 percent of the bill, he said.

“‘Coverage does not equal access,’ said Halby, who instead recommends his clients choose a plan outside the exchange that has a much broader provider network but also will not come with the government premium subsidies given to most of those who buy insurance through the exchange. ‘I tell people this up front: The premiums are going to be higher because there’s no subsidy. However, I’m going to guarantee you can keep your doctor.’”


“If You Like Your Obamacare Plan, It’ll Cost You”, “Doctors Weigh Whether To Accept Obamacare Plans”‏

Obamacare’s Other Provisions Still Hurting Americans: Premiums Going Up, Networks Narrowing, Physician Shortages Expected, Information Lacking For Patients‏

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Group Calls For “All People of Good Will” to Not Vote for Steve Stenger

September 22nd, 2014 by Mark Truman ·

For reference. This is the same court jesters group who had the epic ‘shut down the highway’ fail a couple of weeks ago.

STL Today:

A coalition seeking change in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting on Monday formally called on St. Louis County voters to reject Democratic County Executive candidate Steve Stenger in the November general election. Zaki Baruti, head of the Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition, accused Stenger and his political ally – County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch – of orchestrating a “racist campaign” against incumbent County Executive Charlie Dooley in the August primary.

Dooley, the county’s first African American chief executive, was soundly defeated by Stenger, a county councilman, in a primary campaign that ended four days before Brown was shot to death by Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson. “They said Charlie Dooley is a corrupt person,” Baruti said. “We’re saying Bob McCulloch is corrupt.”

Between now and the Nov. 4 general election, the coalition intends to deliver the message that “A vote for Steve Stenger is a vote for Bob McCulloch.” “We are encouraging all people of good will to express their outrage at the ballot box,” Baruti said in a 10-minute press conference in front of the County Administration Building in downtown Clayton. Read more…


ST. Louis Public Radio: Nixon Picks Maida Coleman To Lead New Agency Reaching Out To Minorities

STL Today: Gunman says ‘This is for Michael Brown’ as he robs three couples leaving a restaurant

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Prisoner Advocacy Group to Hold Conference in KC

September 22nd, 2014 by Mark Truman ·

Missouri Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE) will hold its 11th annual conference on September 27, 2014 at St. Mark’s Union Church, 1101 Euclid in Kansas City MO. Last year’s conference was held in Ferguson MO; this year’s event is “dedicated to the legacy of Michael Brown.”

“Just as the people in Ferguson stood up and said “No More” to police brutality and murder, prisoner families have seen their loved ones in prison subjected to intolerable degrees of inhumanity by the Missouri prison system. The 13th Amendment bans slavery in this country except for those convicted of a crime. This legal slavery is manifested by: Denial or unreasonable delay of medical treatment, resulting in death or worsening health conditions; physical abuse and outright brutality toward prisoners by correctional officers; racial harassment and discrimination toward African-American prisoners; inappropriate treatment and handling of prisoners with mental health issues; inappropriate long-term segregation confinement, in violation of State and Federal law; forced double-celling resulting in rapes, assaults and murders, especially in segregation; obstruction of outside communication; harassment and intimidation of visitors by correctional staff; no access to policies and procedures that govern prisoners’ lives; and wages too inadequate to provide for basic personal necessities.

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The Hill: Blunt Slams ATF for Racial Identification on Gun Sales

September 22nd, 2014 by Mark Truman ·

Very troubling…

“The right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms is an individual right guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” Blunt wrote in a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) over the weekend. “The constitutional right of a citizen to own a firearm has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. It is disconcerting that the U.S. government is gathering this type of data on citizens when there is no connection between purchasing a firearm and an individual’s race or ethnicity.” Blunt said. “Any measure that may interfere with a citizen’s ability to exercise his or her constitutional right to purchase a firearm needs to be questioned.” Read more…


Director Blue: REMINDER: Mary Landrieu, Claire McCaskill, and 44 other Democrats Voted to Cede Your Gun Rights to the U.N.

Cell Phone App Claims to Stop Gun Control

MSM Finally Discusses Elected Democrats in Gun States

Video: Dana Loesch Slams Jim Carrey’s Massive Hypocrisy on Guns

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Obama Readies Climate Change Push At UN Summit

September 22nd, 2014 by Mark Truman ·

AFP reports today, “President Barack Obama will seek to galvanize international support in the fight against climate change on Tuesday when he addresses the United Nations, with time running out on his hopes of leaving a lasting environmental legacy. Obama has warned that failure to act on climate change would be a ‘betrayal’ of future generations, but faced with a Congress reluctant to even limit greenhouse gas emissions — let alone ratify an international agreement — his options appear limited. . . . In June, Obama unveiled new standards aimed at achieving a drastic reduction in carbon emissions from all existing power plants — a 30 percent reduction of 2005 levels by 2030.”

But those regulations are doing little to address climate concerns while they devastate the economies of places like Eastern Kentucky, as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell writes in the Washington Examiner today. “Not unlike its approach to Obamacare, the administration has used a regulatory sledgehammer when a mere scalpel would have done the job. Here’s why: For those in the Obama administration, it is less about balancing environmental concerns with economic growth than it is about crushing forms of energy they don’t like — like coal. Thanks in no small part to this administration’s endless regulations and threats, Eastern Kentucky is today suffering through an economic depression. Thousands of jobs have been lost, and thousands more are in jeopardy. . . . The great tragedy in all this is that the administration’s job-killing regulations won’t do much of anything to meaningfully improve the environment or to curb global carbon emissions, since our overseas competitors will inevitably provide whatever coal we can’t.”

And, as The Hill notes, “A number of world leaders will be absent from the event, however, notably Chinese President Xi Jinping, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.” Of course, China and India happen to be “the No. 1 and No. 3 emitters of greenhouse gases in the world,” according to The Hill.

AFP points out another problem with the president’s plans, writing, “[T]he White House has delayed addressing the difficult debate surrounding the legal nature of the agreement that 195 nations in the UN Convention on Climate Change will hope to reach in Paris at the end of next year. The US Constitution states that all legally binding treaties must be ratified by two thirds of the US Senate, an unthinkable prospect in the current political climate. Memories of the Kyoto Protocol, negotiated and signed in 1997 but never ratified by the United States, also loom large. . . . Obama’s climate team is reportedly working to put together a ‘politically binding’ deal which would combine voluntary pledges with legally binding conditions from already existing treaties. Any such pact would avoid the need to seek ratification from the US Senate. ‘Unfortunately, this would be just another of many examples of the Obama administration’s tendency to abide by laws that it likes and to disregard laws it doesn’t like — and to ignore the elected representatives of the people when they don’t agree,’ US Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in response to reports outlining the administration’s strategy.”

Once again, the president is proposing to circumvent the Constitution because it’s inconvenient for the achievement of his ideological goals.

Leader McConnell concludes his op-ed, “As usual, the Obama administration is presenting us with a false choice. The question isn’t whether we should protect the environment or help the economy. It’s whether we should continue to cling to an ideologically driven energy strategy or switch to a smarter, balanced approach that includes coal and nuclear, natural gas and biofuels, better technology and more home-grown North American energy. An all-of-the-above approach — rather than an all-but-coal approach — is the key to creating more jobs, keeping energy bills low, protecting our planet and promoting public health, all at once. It’s also the kind of strategy the American people expect. And it’s one we can get to work on in a bipartisan way once the Obama administration drops its my-way-or-the-highway mindset and its ineffective, politically driven regulatory agenda that threatens to do so much harm for so little environmental benefit.”


Gateway Pundit: Far Left Climate Activists Leave Mounds of Trash For Cities to Deal With

SHOT/CHASER: Claire McCaskill’s Vote for Job-Killing Regulations on Coal

Quote of the Day: It “Leaves in its Wake the Unmistakable Smell of French Fries (With a Hint of Barbecue)”

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