"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver: GOP Must ‘Repent’ From Criticizing Obama

January 30th, 2015 by Mark Truman ·

Reverend and Rep. Cleaver has the audacity to be talking about repentance when he was once a board member of Missouri Citizens For Life but is now on the side of the abortionists?

“My hope is that they [Republicans] will come out tomorrow and repent…they can’t help themselves. They need to repent, because, you know, they tried to label the auto industry rescue a giveaway. $80 billion, rescued the automobile industry. We were supposed to be the world’s leaders in automobiles, and we are, and now they’re healthy again, and they paid back the money. We can go down the line, issue, after issue, after issue, what the president said would happen has happened. And when things like that happen, I have to say it again, it’s time to repent.” Read more…


Rev./Rep. Cleaver Sells His Soul to Progressives & The Democrat Party

Cong. Emanuel “Satan Sandwich” Cleaver Receives Civility Award

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Senate Passes Keystone Pipeline Bill With Bipartisan Vote

January 30th, 2015 by Mark Truman ·

The New York Times writes, “The Senate passed a bill on Thursday to force approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline . . . . When Republicans won control of the Senate late last year, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, chose the Keystone bill as the first measure Republicans would send to Mr. Obama. The White House promptly said that Mr. Obama would veto the measure, which would force the approval of a proposed 1,179-mile oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. . . .

“The Senate voted 62 to 36 in favor of building the pipeline. Nine Democrats joined 53 Republicans in passing the bill. The passage sends the measure back to the House, which passed a largely similar bill this month. House leaders are deciding whether to pass the Senate bill as is or to hold a conference merging the House and Senate versions into a new bill to be voted on by each chamber.”

The Times notes, “[P]ressure is mounting on the president from both sides to make a final decision on Keystone construction, which has been pending since he took office.” And the article then goes through the litany of excuses the president has used to stall on the decision, pointing out that they’ve all run out.

“Mr. Obama has repeatedly said that he is waiting for all reviews and processes to be completed before he makes a final decision. In 2013, he said that his verdict on the pipeline would be based on whether its construction would worsen climate change. But an 11-volume State Department environmental review of the proposed pipeline, released last year, concluded that its construction would not significantly increase the rate of planet-warming pollution into the atmosphere. After that review was released, Mr. Obama said that he would not issue a decision until a court case in Nebraska over the pipeline’s route was settled. Earlier this month, the Nebraska court cleared the way for the pipeline’s construction through that state. Mr. Obama has also said that he wants to wait until a series of reviews by additional cabinet agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Defense, Interior, Homeland Security and Commerce, are complete. The deadline for those reviews, aimed at determining whether the project is in the national interest, is on Monday.”

Meanwhile, The Hill observes, “The Senate closed its first month under Republican rule on Friday by passing legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline — moving a step closer to sending the controversial bill to President Obama’s desk. It’s the most significant accomplishment McConnell’s had so far as majority leader, but is far from the only one.

“The Senate under McConnell has already held twice as many roll call votes on amendments as the chamber held in all of 2014. “By Monday, it will have approved three bills: the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, Keystone and a veterans’ suicide prevention bill.


Claire McCaskill defies Obama, helps Senate pass Keystone XL pipeline bill

Rasmussen Reports: Voters Still Rate Obama Poorly on Economic, National Security Matters

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Schweich Asked Why His Campaign Employs Sinquefield Consultants After Bashing Sinquefield

January 29th, 2015 by Mark Truman ·

schweich_koster3 - Copy - Copy
Freshly announced gubernatorial candidate Tom Schweich let it be known yesterday where he thinks the soft spot is in Catherine Hanaway’s gubernatorial campaign and that is her main contributor, billionaire Rex Sinquefield. Schweich lashed out with sharp words against  Mr. Sinquefield and the professional consultants he employs:

St. Louis Public Radio:

Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich launched his campaign for governor by lashing out at the man who he says is a symbol of the “rampant corruption” in the state Capitol — wealthy financier Rex Sinquefield. Schweich said that Sinquefield, the state’s top political donor, has been engaging in “corrosive tactics’’ with “an army of mercenaries….He said that Sinquefield has employed 1,000 people and set up over 100 political committees to advance his agenda.’

The Hanaway campaign responded back with this terse response:

“Schweich’s electoral record is marked by relentless pursuits of the next office and tearing apart the Republican Party,” Maddux said, asserting that Hanaway’s record in contrast had been to aid other Republicans. Read more…

According to sources on the ground in Kansas City today, Auditor Schweich was asked by K.C. Star reporter Steve Kraske were there any contradictions with him criticizing the Hanaway Campaign for their association with Sinquefield when consultants of his campaign were on Mr. Sinquefield’s payroll?

One of Auditor Schweich’s consultants is Nathan Adams, Senior Associate at Singularis Group, was hired by a Sinquefield funded group, Missouri Club for Growth to lead the brutal primary challenges against those state representatives who did not vote in favor of the HB 253 override in 2013. Sinquefield’s group, Missouri Club for Growth gave a total of $100,000 to state representative candidates: John Bailey (HD-3), Jason Frodge (HD-155), and Loren Hunt (HD-130).

These candidates then paid Adams, through his firm Singularis Group, a total of $53,095.34 in consulting fees to run their primary challenges to sitting Republican state representatives: Nathan Walker (HD-3), Lyle Rowland (HD-155), and Jeff Messenger (HD-130). Within the same 45 day period that Mr. Adams’ failed in these efforts, he was receiving consulting fees from Schweich at the same time. These facts show  Auditor Schweich currently pays for political advice from a self-described mercenary who Mr.  Sinquefield also employed at the same time.


Schweich to Announce Today; Parody Facebook Account Set Up

Picture of the Day: Schweich Video Removed for Copyright Infringement

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Picture(s) of the Day: Shady Ballots in Bollinger County?

January 28th, 2015 by Mark Truman ·

A reader recently sent this unsettling email to us. This should really be investigated and investigated thoroughly.

I don’t know where to start. I have thought I had seen this in elections that go back to the 2008 election of the county commission. It was easier to believe I was too wrapped up in the politics that my eyes deceived me, than to believe the ballots really did look like this! Now in the election this past Nov ( I have been trying since then to get it addressed) the candidates for the Republicans were darker than their opponents. The clerk assures me we will use a new printing company this year because of this. However this company has printed them for 20+ years and conveniently has the ONLY paved road in the county.  How am I to have faith in the democracy process? How am I to trust the integrity of the system in place if I have no course of action to take that will give me confirmation. Here are the facts.

*Ovals were too dark for some candidates (That is what the machine counts!)

*The candidate was too dark

*The entire back for the constitution vote was too light

*Ink splatters on text

*Ink splatters in oval area

*Some were crooked on the page

*76 ballots were corrected with WHITEOUT corrections and not the removable sticker. ( no way to see original intent of voter now if audited)

*The tests was performed with sharpie marker. (this changes variables, I vote in #2 pencil) How is that an accurate test?

*The error was reported in the Marble hill dist, however I am hurricane and I SAW it ( discrepancy in the reporting)

*The old clerk showed me the process with absentee ballots and there was print quality issues there too

*The problem was different ballot to ballot, district to district.

*Upon inspection after the fact the new clerk sees it just by flipping through the stack.

*The wining candidates WERE darker on the ballot I VOTED ON! I knew it wasn’t my eyes!


*The company that printed the ballot is on the ONLY paved county road

*No one wanted to admit it was like this until I forced the issue with the sunshine law request to get a copy ( I do think the NEW clerk has made a big difference)

*What about the integrity of the elections of the past since you can see it on those ballots too?

How is that a valid tactic to bold face print some candidates but not others. We need to hold the quality of the official ballots to a higher standard. In situations like these it comes to light that we need LAWs to protect the public from these kinds of deceitful practice. Whether  it happened by accident as they say or on purpose, Something should be done to ensure the integrity of the ballots for future elections.


SE Missourian: Opinion: Confidence in ballot count accuracy

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Schweich to Announce Today; Parody Facebook Account Set Up

January 28th, 2015 by Mark Truman ·


What has been hailed as the worst kept secret in Missouri politics, state auditor Tom Schweich is set to announce his bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination today in St. Louis at 4pm. The formal announcement will be at the University of Missouri St. Louis’ Millennium Center. Democrats wasted no time attacking Schweich with a parody Facebook account called “Who is Tom Schweich? and Twitter account named TomSchweich2016.


Video: Schweich on Governor Travel

Koster Breathes Sigh of Relief; McCaskill Declines Run for Governor

Picture of the Day: Schweich Video Removed for Copyright Infringement

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Obama Drops Plan To Tax Middle Class 529 Savings Accounts After It “Proved To Be Politically Toxic”‏

January 28th, 2015 by Mark Truman ·

The New York Times reported yesterday, “President Obama, facing angry reprisals from parents and from lawmakers of both parties, will drop his proposal to effectively end the popular college savings accounts known as 529s, but will keep an expanded tuition tax credit at the center of his college access plan, White House officials said Tuesday.

“The decision came just hours after Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio demanded that the proposal be withdrawn from the president’s budget, due out Monday, ‘for the sake of middle-class families.’ But the call for the White House to relent also came from top Democrats, including Representatives Nancy Pelosi of California, the minority leader, and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, the ranking member of the Budget Committee. . . .

“The move was an abrupt turn for the president, who had made the proposal during his State of the Union address only a week ago, a proposal he called part of his pitch for ‘middle-class economics.’ . . . Mr. Boehner said Tuesday that ‘529 plans help middle-class families save for college, but now the president wants to tax those plans.’”

The Times notes that “taking away the tax advantage of the 529 plan . . . proved to be politically toxic.”

The Wall Street Journal editors explain why: “The 529 plans put the power in the hands of parents. The political problem is that 529s have become popular with, well, the middle class; there were some 11.8 million accounts and the average balance was $20,671 as of last June.”

If President Obama wants to continue this and take some positive action for the middle class, he could sign the bill authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline when it reaches his desk. The pipeline will create thousands of jobs and help increase the supply of oil, which ultimately contributes to lower gasoline prices.


Will Pres. Obama Choose Bipartisan Cooperation On Jobs Or More Partisan Confrontation Tonight?‏

Obama’s Debt Speech Still Under Fire For “Demagoguery” That “Went Too Far”‏

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